Ernest L. West
About My Book SECRET'S

It was the darkest place in my life where I contemplated suicide. I had lost my home,
my family and I felt like a failure.  I couldn't hold things together, and I let everyone
down. I was living in a motel room. It was dark and dreary, and I was all alone. I begin
not to use my hands to fight physically, but instead, I use my hands to write. My
finger saved my life. I hushed and wrote.  It was medicine, and in that place, my
valley I begin to heal. Mysteries revealed. I heard the voice. This voice of God spoke
to my heart and revealed secret's that changed my life. In that bottomless place of
pain, I begin to find understanding about my purpose. The voice told me to use my
mind and not my hands. I want you to explore with me Secret’s to a revealing truth
about pleasure.

The deeper I would go in writing I begin to feel the comfort of His Love; then I
understood why I existed. I grew stronger and stronger. I could feel Him changing
and shifting me into His image of power. The pain began to go away. His touch felt
like a physician prescription every time I wrote. How natural it seemed to live, there
were no limitations and my darkness begin to leave. Also, Voices of Death merely
became a distant memory. I knew my Destiny, to Speak Life and Hope to those who
are surrounded by Hopelessness, this is my story ...
Now, order Secret’s today
and find your new life!